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ROAD TRIP! Grab your board and head for the ocean! The PT Woody II Kit looks like a California dream. Designed after our popular “Woody I” Kit, it was produced after customer requests for something a little different with a more “modern” nostalgic twist. With sales running 50/50 for the “Woody I & II” Kits it proves again the customer is always right! The more streamlined  front fender design, the full rear “wood” hatch, lack of trim over the windows, and the simulated planking distinguish the “Woody II” from the “Woody I”.  The “Woody II” has also won awards in every show entered, including  ”Best Modified” at the 2000 Woodward Dream Cruise Chrysler Show at Chrysler’s Auburn Hills Museum judged by Chrysler’s own engineers! Your PT Woody will receive admiring glances and smiling approval  wherever you go!

Manufactured from high quality materials, PT Woody’s kit durability is exceeded only by their genuine good looks. The “wood” panel material (simulated Cheyenne Teak) with an additional UV Laminate and the “wood” outer edge trim (simulated Santa Rosa Oak) is manufactured to ISO 9001 standards. Our application specific 3M attachment system and quality materials allows us to give you an unprecedented three year guarantee on our “Woody” Kits.

aThis is not just another “graphics” kit, or expensive, maintenance intense, “real” wood. The "Cheyenne Teak” panels are a durable vinyl with an extra UV laminate overlay, and the outer “Santa Rosa Oak” trim is aproprietary raised quarter round plastic molding that covers the edge of, and rises above, the “Teak” panels. This gives your Cruiser a true 3 dimensional light and dark “wood” surface just as the original Woody's had.

All components are shipped ready to install. The detailed instructions are designed for the first time installer and consist of two manuals, text and photo, showing all the details of the installation. Also, tech help from PT Woody’s professional installers is only a phone call away. Hundreds of our kits have been installed by home enthusiasts, including an 80-year-old grandmother!

This is an all day job for the first time installer.

Kits Available For 2001 - 2009 PT Cruisers!
The PT Woody “Woody II” is guaranteed to you, the original purchaser, for three years!

Description Part # Price Buy Now!
PT Woody II Styling Kit PT012 $849.00
In Stock and Ready To Ship!
Note: 2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by PT Woody. All returns are subject to a 10% restocking fee. All of products are designed and manufactured for installation by the home enthusiast; however, we realize that not everyone has the time or desire to install their own package. We can install it for you at our Mt. Clemens, Michigan location, or you can have it installed by one of the many professional installation shops we contract with throughout North America. Please Call us for more information at 1-800-447-8410 Read more about our Return Policy.